The Man Plan Terms and Conditions

  1. Only Australian residents who are prescribed and dispensed Lucrin (leuprorelin acetate) for palliative treatment of metastatic or locally advanced prostate cancer and in accordance with the dosing schedule registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Medication) by their healthcare professional, are eligible to participate in The Man Plan (Program).
  1. The Program is sponsored by AbbVie Pty Ltd (ABN 48 156 384 262) (AbbVie) and managed and administered by AbbVie’s nominated third party providers (Service Providers). Service Providers facilitate the provision of all communications, including phone calls, mail, emails, SMS and any future digital communication channels that may become available for the Program.
  1. The Program offers a range of health, wellness and treatment logistic services. Participation in the Program is designed to complement and support the prescribing instructions of a healthcare professional who is responsible for prescribing the Medication (Prescribing Specialist). All services offered under the Program are optional, allowing patients to opt into all or a selection of the available services.
  1. The Program does not replace the advice of a Prescribing Specialist or other healthcare professional (HCP). Patients should speak to their Prescribing Specialist if they have any questions or concerns about their treatment. Patients should also refer to the Medications’ Consumer Medicines Information available at or by calling AbbVie Medical Information on 1800 043 460 if they have any further questions or concerns.
  1. The eligibility of a patient to remain enrolled in the Program is determined by the criteria outlined in clause 1 above, which will be verified on an ongoing basis by Service Providers (eg by asking the patient if they are still taking the Medication). AbbVie reserves the right to discontinue the provision of services to a patient under the Program if a patient does not meet the eligibility criteria.
  1. The maximum period that a patient can participate in the Program is two years from the date of confirmed enrolment into the Program.
  1. Patients may opt out at any time of any part of the Program or the whole Program by contacting Service Providers either by phoning 1800 626 752, writing to The Man Plan, Reply Paid 910, Crows Nest, NSW 1585 (no stamp required) or by faxing 02 9439 4550.
  1. If patients opt out of the Program, personal information collected from them during their participation in the Program may still be held for purposes permitted by law, including reporting purposes. To the extent personal information is retained, it will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Notices.
  1. AbbVie reserves the right to cease funding the Program and/or terminate the Program with reasonable notice at any time.
  1. AbbVie reserves the right to change and/or cease providing any of the services within the Program with reasonable notice at any time.
  1. Service Providers may make additional contact with patients from time to time if new or pilot services (New Services) are introduced while they are enrolled in the Program. AbbVie may introduce New Services with the view to improve or provide additional patient support. Participation in these New Services is voluntary and patients have the right to decline any or all of these New Services.



  1. The Program consists of the following service options:

(I) Self-managed support: Patients will gain access to support resources via the Patient Website ( Online support resources are:

  1. Exercise video & treatment tracking tools: Exercise-physiologist-led exercise video and treatment tracking tools. Patients can request a resistance band by contacting Service Providers on 1800 626 752 or emailing
  2. Diet and nutrition support: Online nutrition information and food diary. Patients can request a phone call from a dietician for diet and nutrition advice by contacting Service Providers on 1800 626 752 or emailing
  3. Sexual and emotional wellbeing resources: Expert advice via pre-recorded videos and links to access independent support services available for sexual and emotional counselling.

(II) Supervised support:

  • Exercise-physiologist supervised group exercise sessions are delivered face-to-face in a clinic or via zoom.
  • A maximum of 18 sessions are offered and are structured as follows: 1 x one on one initial assessment, 16 x group exercise sessions & 1 x one on one final assessment. A maximum of two sessions will be offered per week.
  • Participation in this support service is subject to an Exercise Physiologist (EP)’s initial exercise and patient risk assessment based on a patient’s: (1) medical history (2) any issues identified by their HCP or the EP (3) current level of fitness; and (4) any other potential risks identified.
  • Once the enrolment is received, Service Providers will arrange for an EP to contact the patient to arrange an initial exercise assessment. The EP will communicate the initial assessment directly to the patient and HCP. Once suitability to participate has been assessed, the patient will be advised the process of how they can commence group exercise sessions face-to-face in an assigned clinic or via zoom.
  • The patient may need to directly pay $5 per exercise session that they attend. The EP that is assigned to the patient will directly set up payment arrangements with the patient to attend the exercise sessions. Allocation of group exercise sessions face-to-face in an assigned clinic will be subject to the patient’s location and clinic availability.
  • Patients who have opted in for the supervised support option will also gain access to the self-managed support resources via

(III) At-home injection administration: (only available if enrolled by Prescribing Specialist)

  • This service is only available to a patient if the enrolment is completed by the patient’s Prescribing Specialist using the ‘healthcare professionals’ section of the ManPlan enrolment website (
  • Patient eligibility criteria for at-home injection administration service, is as follows:
    • patient has been prescribed the 3-, 4- or 6-monthly dose and
    • patient has another health condition that may impact compliance to Medication and/or
    • patient lives in a regional location and access to an alternative healthcare professional is limited
  • Once the patient enrolment information is received from the Prescribing Specialist, the patient will be contacted by Service Providers to arrange a nurse visit to undertake an assessment to determine whether at home injection administration is suitable and appropriate.
  • If it is determined that at home injection administration is suitable and appropriate, Service Providers will administer a single injection service in accordance with the clinical decision provided by the patient’s Prescribing Specialist.
  • Service Providers will work with the patient and Prescribing Specialist to ensure that all further injections are administered during an appointment with the patient's general prescribing practitioner (“General Practitioner”) or Prescribing Specialist.
  • If Service Providers are unable to ensure the patient has regular access to a General Practitioner for subsequent injections, the Prescribing Specialist can request ongoing home injection support from Service Providers only for the administration of the 6 monthly dose at the written clinical direction of the Prescribing Specialist .
  • Ongoing home injection support for the 6 monthly dose will only be approved at Service Provider’s sole discretion.
  • The patient will at all times remain under the medical care of the patient’s Prescribing Specialist. The Prescribing Specialist and the patient’s usual health care team remain in charge of the patient’s medical treatment and any medical decisions regarding the patient’s treatment


How to enrol in the Program

  1. Patients or a Prescribing Specialist on behalf of a patient may enrol the patient in the Program by visiting The ManPlan enrolment website If the patients or a Prescribing Specialist is unable to complete the enrolment via the The ManPlan enrolment website they can complete the enrolment by contacting Service Providers on 1800 626 752.
  1. In order to enrol in the Program and opt into any or all of the available services, patients must acknowledge that they have understood and agreed to the Man Plan Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notices.
  1. If a patient is referred for enrolment by their Prescribing Specialist, the patient’s contact information (email address and/or phone number) will be provided to Service Providers, who will contact the patient to complete their enrolment.
  1. Prescribing Specialist enrolled in the Program can nominate additional staff (e.g. clinic nurses, clinic administrators or other authorised personnel) (Delegates) to communicate with Service Providers to assist with a patient’s participation in the Program.



Before submitting any information and agreeing to enrol in the Program, patients should be aware of and consent to the Patients Privacy Notice.

Prescribing Specialists and healthcare Professionals should also be aware of and consent to the Healthcare Professional Privacy Notice.